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We recently caught up with former child star turned Cooking Channel host, Tia Mowry at the celebration of Janie & Jack’s capsule collection, J&J at The Grove. We chatted everything from fashion to summer bodies to her favorite LA hangout.

Tell us about your involvement with J&J by Janie and Jack.
TIA MOWRY: I’m a huge fan of Janie & Jack! I have been dressing Cree in it since he was born. I love putting stripes on my son, too. Cree is known to be super stylish in school. During those parent teacher conferences when you talk about your child’s grades, the teachers always comment on his style. The line is very stylish and very comfortable—it has that California vibe to it. Style is a form of expression and I allow him to pick out his clothes so he can express himself in that way and that’s very important to me.

Who is your fashion icon?
TM: I would have to say Tracee Ellis Ross. She is not afraid to use vintage pieces in her outfit. I mean her mother is Diana Ross so she can get vintage whenever she can but it’s not always about the current trends—it’s about styling them in a unique way and that’s why she’s my style icon.

Where is one place you love to go with Cree in LA?
TM: The Grove. You’ll find photos of Cree and I when he was younger—me pushing him around in his stroller at The Grove. It’s intimate, it’s not too big, and there are great restaurants and shops there. I love how they play into the seasons—during Easter they bring out the Easter Bunny, during Christmas the huge tree goes up.

What is one special summer family ritual for you?
TM: When we go on vacation, we usually go somewhere tropical. I grew up in Hawaii, so I love the beach and I love the sand—piña coladas don’t hurt either. They always taste better on the beach. This summer we are going to Hawaii and last summer we were in Angola, which is our favorite place to go to.

What are your big plans for Memorial Day weekend?
TM: We will definitely be somewhere on a beach—probably relaxing by The Santa Monica Pier.

What do you do to maintain your best summer physique?
TM: Don’t start right before the summer—it’s a lifestyle. When you make it a lifestyle, then it’s all year round.

Are there any LA spots that help you with your physique goals?
TM: Y7 on Melrose—it is a yoga place. It’s not traditional yoga—we flow to hip hop music. And not your commercial hip hop either—it’s underground. There’s one here and one in New York. Not only do I love it because of the music and the vibe, but also because there are no mirrors. Here, you get in to your own zen and can focus on yourself. It’s small and intimate—that’s what I like.


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