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Happy Birthday to Tia & Tamera! We wish them a wonderful day

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Production of military marriage drama “Indivisible,” with “Grey’s Anatomy” star Sarah Drew and Justin Bruening, has wrapped following shooting in Memphis and Santa Clarita, Variety has learned exclusively.

The story is based on the real-life struggles of U.S. Army Chaplain Darren Turner, a decorated Iraqi war vet who comes home to an unexpected emotional struggle that threatens his marriage, his family and his faith. Bruening portrays Turner and Drew, who also executive produced the film, plays his spouse Heather.

Darren Moorman of Reserve Entertainment produced “Indivisible” in association with Calvary Pictures. The film was funded by Provident Films and Working Title Agency, with Ben Howard and Bill Reeves as executives in charge of production.

David Evans directed from a script he co-wrote with Cheryl McKay and Peter White. Tia Mowry, Jason George, Eric Close, Madeline Carroll, Skye P. Marshall and Tanner Stine also star.

 “I set out to do a fictional story about an army chaplain, but one day I came across this incredible story of Chaplain Darren Turner,” Evans said. “When only half of all marriages survive these days, a true story of a couple’s fight to save their family and faith had to be told.”

Turner had been deployed to Iraq in 2007 and served 15 months as a battlefield chaplain before returning home. He told CNN in a 2012 interview, “I came home angry. Even my attitude, which I thought I was in control of, was walling me in. I didn’t realize it until my wife told me, ‘You’re no longer welcome in our house.’”

The couple separated several months after his return to the U.S. and reconciled in 2009.

“The heart of the film is about marriage,” Drew said. “The military is the setting through which we tell a story about what it means to fight hard for the vows you make on that day you stand before God and before your community and you say, ‘I will love you until the day I die.’”​

Drew has portrayed Dr. April Kepner on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” since 2009. Bruening’s credits include recurring roles in “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Ravenswood” and “Good Behavior.”

Drew is represented by Innovative Artists and Link Entertainment. Bruening is represented by APA and Corner Booth Entertainment. Mowry is represented by Innovative Artists theatrically, Link Entertainment and Felker Toczek Gellman Suddleson.

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Sister, Sister star Tia Mowry — whose identical twin sister Tamera is a co-host of daytime TV’s The Real — is set to foray into the digital video realm alongside lifestyle network Kin Community.

Mowry and Kin are set to launch in August — for back-to-school season — a new video brand dubbed Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix that will live on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. A total of 20 episodes will air on YouTube, featuring solutions for relatable mom problems, with additional distribution and promotion on other platforms. Mowry will teach viewers, for instance, how to dress kids quickly, and share dinner hacks, makeup routines, playdate survival guides, and more.

Quick Fix is produced by Kin Studios in partnership with UTA. Kin’s VP of programming, Beth Le Manach, will serve as an EP on the series.

“Tia is a rare talent who has been able to consistently evolve her personal brand across TV and digital platforms,” said Kin co-founder and CEO Michael Wayne. (Across all platforms, Mowry currently counts over 11 million social followers). “We are excited about collaborating with her to help millennial moms through our new video brand.”

In addition to her digital presence, Mowry has written three books, including the clean eating guide Whole New You. She has hosted series on both the Food Network and Cooking Channel. With her new digital endeavor, Mowry joins Kin’s illustrious roster of 130 lifestyle content creators, including Dulce Candy, Mr. Kate, and Kalel.

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If you’re anything like me and you find the idea of cooking to be a little bit daunting or taxing, Tia Mowry is here to help. When I sat down with her at an event for Lemon Lemon, I begged her for advice to change my ways. “Put on some Beyoncé! Pour a glass of wine!” she said. “Set an environment that’s fun and entertaining.” Well, that makes getting into the kitchen sound way more fun. But the actress and home chef, who recently released her first cookbook, Whole New You, didn’t stop there.

I told her that living in New York is what I blame for not cooking much. I don’t have a lot of space, and I don’t have a lot of time. Her solution is to start with practicality. “It’s about prep work. You don’t always have to do all the chopping. A lot of things come premade,” she said. She suggested starting with easy recipes that require very little work, like just a smoothie or a smoothie bowl for a snack. Just by throwing some fruit, dairy, and sweetener together, you’re creating something. “A lot of people think that cooking is overwhelming and that you have to be a culinary chef to cook. That’s not true!”

Once you’ve gotten yourself in the habit of making easy things in the kitchen, Tia says the possibilities are endless, but no matter what you do, you should always have fun in the kitchen. “Cooking is all about unwinding, having a great time. If I’m home alone, I’m in the kitchen having a party,” she said. Adding Beyoncé and wine to the mix just takes the cooking experience up a notch, and she also recommends inviting your friends over — for more reasons than one. “You can share your experience with them, but also make them clean up!”

And there you have it. Beyoncé and a glass of wine are the first steps toward learning to love cooking.

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If Tia Landry were a real person living in 2017, her life would likely follow that of the actress who played her, Tia Mowry. Meaning, she’d be married with one child, an entrepreneur with her own cookbook and cooking show on the Cooking Channel; she’d have bravely opened up about her life with endometriosis, and confidently embraced her gray hairs.

We say this because that’s what Mowry herself would like for Landry to be doing. “I would want her to replicate my life, and what’s going on in it right now,” she tells us while celebrating the global launch of Pepsi’s new drink Lemon Lemon. “Just a mom with a family trying to make ends meet and see how that works.”

We say this also because, during Mowry’s run on Sister, Sister from 1994 to 1999, the plotlines on the show paralleled the actual lives of Tia and her identical twin sister, Tamera. “A lot of people might not know this, but every year at the beginning of the season, me and my sister would sit down with the producers and tell them what’s going on with our lives in real life, and they would turn those into stories,” she tells us.

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We recently caught up with former child star turned Cooking Channel host, Tia Mowry at the celebration of Janie & Jack’s capsule collection, J&J at The Grove. We chatted everything from fashion to summer bodies to her favorite LA hangout.

Tell us about your involvement with J&J by Janie and Jack.
TIA MOWRY: I’m a huge fan of Janie & Jack! I have been dressing Cree in it since he was born. I love putting stripes on my son, too. Cree is known to be super stylish in school. During those parent teacher conferences when you talk about your child’s grades, the teachers always comment on his style. The line is very stylish and very comfortable—it has that California vibe to it. Style is a form of expression and I allow him to pick out his clothes so he can express himself in that way and that’s very important to me.

Who is your fashion icon?
TM: I would have to say Tracee Ellis Ross. She is not afraid to use vintage pieces in her outfit. I mean her mother is Diana Ross so she can get vintage whenever she can but it’s not always about the current trends—it’s about styling them in a unique way and that’s why she’s my style icon.

Where is one place you love to go with Cree in LA?
TM: The Grove. You’ll find photos of Cree and I when he was younger—me pushing him around in his stroller at The Grove. It’s intimate, it’s not too big, and there are great restaurants and shops there. I love how they play into the seasons—during Easter they bring out the Easter Bunny, during Christmas the huge tree goes up.

What is one special summer family ritual for you?
TM: When we go on vacation, we usually go somewhere tropical. I grew up in Hawaii, so I love the beach and I love the sand—piña coladas don’t hurt either. They always taste better on the beach. This summer we are going to Hawaii and last summer we were in Angola, which is our favorite place to go to.

What are your big plans for Memorial Day weekend?
TM: We will definitely be somewhere on a beach—probably relaxing by The Santa Monica Pier.

What do you do to maintain your best summer physique?
TM: Don’t start right before the summer—it’s a lifestyle. When you make it a lifestyle, then it’s all year round.

Are there any LA spots that help you with your physique goals?
TM: Y7 on Melrose—it is a yoga place. It’s not traditional yoga—we flow to hip hop music. And not your commercial hip hop either—it’s underground. There’s one here and one in New York. Not only do I love it because of the music and the vibe, but also because there are no mirrors. Here, you get in to your own zen and can focus on yourself. It’s small and intimate—that’s what I like.


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